Become a member today and gain access to my extensive library of yoga classes. Receive exclusive members-only discounts on upcoming courses and workshops. 

Harmony Yoga, Harmony Slater

Become a member today and gain access to my extensive library of yoga classes. Receive exclusive members-only discounts on upcoming courses and workshops. 

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Harmony Yoga, Harmony Slater

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Practice with Harmony anytime from anywhere. Find a space in the comfort of your own home and dive deep into your personal yoga practice.

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Grow your practice through different types of classes, special workshops, and interactive conferences. With an ever growing selection to choose from you will never run out of options!

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The practice of yoga is beyond

postures and breathing.


These are only the tools we use to help us connect more deeply to our inner flow of consciousness that integrates harmoniously back into the vast matrix of nature and infinite existence.

Harmony Yoga, Harmony Slater

♦ Weekly Life "Mysore" classes, the heart of Ashtanga Yoga. In the Mysore method, students are met as individuals. Each person is taught progressively according to his or her readiness. A relationship is cultivated with the teacher. The practice begins to grow... As in many things, more is not necessarily better or helpful. With each successive practice, a student begins to develop mastery in conjoining the breath with the asanas (postures) and the drishti (gazing points) in the sequence. When a teacher feels that a student is ready to advance further in his or her personal practice, new teachings are given. The student-teacher relationship is central to this approach. The Mysore method of teaching and practice is very effective.

♦ Monthly Coaching Calls where you'll receive a personal invitation to join our group coaching call. You'll get to ask your questions and have the opportunity to listen to others as well. In these Conferences, we'll dive deeper into philosophy of yoga, meditation practices, and of course you'll get some some tips and tricks to move you further in your yoga practice.

 24 hour access to an ever growing library of online yoga classes. Practice with Harmony's guidance at the time that works best for you. Choose a specific type of practice to suit your unique needs.

 You Choose! Grow your practice through different types of classes, special workshops, and interactive conferences. With an ever growing selection to choose from you will never run out of options! 

♦ Gain access to a library of pdf handouts with information about specific yoga practices, mantras and philosophy. Download your own copies for future reference. Go at your own pace.

♦ Exclusive "Members Only" discounts on upcoming courses

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Harmony Yoga, Harmony Slater

Irene Sasaki in Houston, Texas


"I have been taking Harmony’s classes since my yoga studio closed in mid-March due to the pandemic lockdown and has not reopened. Although I’ve been an Ashtanga practitioner for about 16 years, off and on, I’ve never had a consistent practice. In addition, I had only been practicing in the morning for about 6 months and if given the choice of sleeping in or practicing, my bed usually won.

Knowing that Harmony’s smiling face and calm soothing voice is greeting me in the morning motivates me to get out of bed to practice.


Normally I do not like non-Ashtanga yoga classes, but because she incorporates many Ashtanga asanas into the routines, I have enjoyed the variety. The Happy Hip Openers class is my favorite! It has helped me get a little deeper in twisting asanas. I dislike back bends and avoided the Gentle Back Bends class for months, but gave it a try one morning and my body felt refreshed afterward. I still don’t like back bends, but enjoy the class.


One of the benefits of Harmony’s classes is feeling totally relaxed at the end of practice. I don’t know if it is due to the occasional pranayama exercises or Harmony’s beautiful voice singing a chant while in shavasana, but I always feel rested and ready to start my day."

Harmony Yoga, Harmony Slater

Alain Pincot in Santa Maria, California


"As California studios shut down, Harmony’s zoom classes provided me with a “guided” path to improving upon my Ashtanga practices at a time when I felt uncomfortable doing them repetitively on my own.

Harmony's refined Ashtanga lineage and experience were also key towards my decision to join in – To this day, they transpire beautifully in all her classes whether in direct practices of the series or simply in connection to the preparation to their most complex asanas. I really appreciate to be given the “expert” methods and insiders’ tricks at getting deeper in all poses, and particularly into my hips and my upper back. Enough class repetitions over the weeks have allowed me to feel a positive difference there and carry that mindset into my fuller practice.

Finally, I find Harmony’ s “presence” very soothing, even remotely.


She is introducing and wrapping-up each of the classes in gentle but profound ways. Then the “dots are connected” between her infinite kindness, her wisdom and the “Great Beyond”, as she puts it so well."

Harmony Yoga, Harmony Slater


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Harmony Yoga, Harmony Slater

Tracy Carroll in Edmonton, Alberta


"How incredibly grateful I am that since isolation started back in March, Harmony Slater has been offering her lovely, much-needed morning online classes.

In pre-Covid times I would have joined her in a workshop over a few days when time allowed, but the morning classes have really been a gift. I am truly so lucky to be able to practice with such an experienced teacher!

Harmony’s classes have motivated me to keep a regular schedule with my yoga, practicing primary and secondary series’ poses in a wonderful variety of themed classes.


They have been challenging, restorative and healing. I learn so much from her in every class and Harmony herself has helped me gain a sense of calm and community during this isolating strange time.

I normally work from home but have never done live yoga classes online. Harmony has been a constant the last few months and I am thrilled to be able to access backbends and hip openers with her guiding and challenging me through the screen.

The appreciation of Harmony is endless; her teaching, her knowledge, her guidance and the beautiful energy that she is offering our yoga community is truly from her heart and we are all benefitting."